Ali Hval graduated from the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa in 2015 with a BFA in Studio Arts, Honors, and Summa Cum Laude. In Spring of 2015, the Center of Craft, Creativity, and Design in Asheville, North Carolina chose her as one of ten yearly recipients of the Windgate Fellowship.  She is currently pursuing her MFA at the University of Iowa in Painting and Drawing.


Process | Work

             Through a process which emphasizes making through accumulation and excess, I am interested in how embellishment and the repetition of craft-related tasks results in objects situated in a more fictional realm. Using low craft materials such as macramé, cording, and rhinestones, as well as techniques drawn from or related to traditional crafting, the objects I make progress through a meticulous process which nod at fashion production, resulting in things which exist in a space wedged between fashion, art, and craft. The forms I use are initially recognizable as objects which pertain to the body or which the body relates to, but are then softened and abstracted through repetitious tasks which change the recognizability of the object. I create objects which are laborious and repetitious and which narrate control in relation to the body via repeteated actions. 

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